Email marketing. Two words that can have a huge impact on your business. Email is a great way to communicate with your community, tell stories, and launch new products or services.

Most marketers agree that your list is one of your biggest assets in business. So if building an email list is so important, how do you get started!?

One of the number one techniques today that major entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses use to grow their email list is offering a piece of free value (or a lead magnet) in exchange for an email address. So how do you decide what kind of lead magnets to create in order to attract your ideal audience?

1) Where does your expertise lie?

What does your business/brand focus on? Are you a fitness and nutrition expert? Maybe you are a real estate guru. Or maybe you’re an expert in coaching female entrepreneurs. Whatever it is, pin point something that you are more knowledgeable than the average person on. Something that you could coach others in.

2) What kinds of questions do your current clients or target market ask?

If you are a fitness and nutrition expert, look at the questions that your current clients are already asking you. Chances are, people who are interested in fitness and nutrition coaching have similar questions.

If you don’t already have clients, go look at people who are already experts in your field. Check out their blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, and other social platforms to see what kinds of questions people are asking them.

After doing some research, you will be able to find people’s pain points and the types of questions that they are dying to know the answers to. Then, you can create a piece of content that tailors to their needs, answers their question, or helps them get over some sort of obstacle.

You want to make sure what you put together is high value and really helps give your audience some type of “ah-ha” moment. That way, anyone who reads it looks at you as an expert and someone who can help teach them what they need to know.

3) Picking the right type of lead magnets

Now that you know what kinds of questions your target market is asking, you can give them information in the form of a lead magnet. There are several different options

Cheat Sheet/ Checklist: Cheat sheets and checklists can be very appealing lead magnets because of their simplicity. People love being able to follow quick directions or tips that will help them get closer to the results they’re looking for.

For example, if you’re a productivity coach, you could create a simple checklist or cheatsheet to a “Perfect Morning Routine” that could be the answer to an entrepreneur’s struggle at being organized in the morning.

Video Training: Video trainings are great for teaching people more in depth information. You could create 3-4 videos in the form of a mini-course with each video focusing on a different, specific topic that would help your answer the questions that your target market has.

You want to provide as much value in your videos as possible because doing so will turn your new leads into people who trust you and look up to you for advice (and continue to open your emails).

Resource List: Depending on who your target market is, a resource list or a toolkit could be a great lead magnet for your business. If you’re trying to attract start-ups, you could make a list of the best resources for people who are starting a business.

You can look at the different tools that your business is using and recommend them to others (whether those tools are for marketing, content creation, it all just depends on what your target market would take interest in).


Essentially, you need to take a look at the things that your target market struggles with the most and create some piece of content that will appeal to them enough to offer their email address in exchange for the free value that you are offering them.

After I decide what I’m giving away, I set up a landing page and drive traffic to the page (organic and paid) in order to have people submit their email addresses in exchange for my free tool.

Personally, I used ClickFunnels as my landing page software. They have a lot of incredible pre-made pages that you can use to give your Lead magnets away and collect email addresses.

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