If you’re a business in the 21st century, chances are that you are using social media marketing strategies to build brand awareness, engage with your community, get leads, and turn those leads into paying customers.

Most businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of advertising on Facebook. With over 1.7 billion Facebook users (and that number is continuing to grow every day), your audience is hiding somewhere on Facebook; you just have to learn the best marketing practices so you can find them while getting the biggest bang for your buck.

One of the best practices I’ve found for advertising on Facebook that alway helps me increase my ROI is using Facebook Custom Audiences. There are several ways to use the Custom Audiences feature to be a FB Ninja and target people who have expressed interest in your brand, products, or content.

  1. Targeting Your Email List or Customer’s Emails

If someone is already on your email list or in your database of customers, chances are they are somewhat interested in you, your company, and what you guys have to offer.

Facebook allows you to upload lists of email addresses so you can create an audience of your email list or previous customers and target them with ads. You can target these people with discount codes, blog posts, or other things that you think they would be interested in.

Also, when they see your face or brand on their Facebook newsfeed, chances are it will give you credibility.

If they click through to your website, you can use a tracking pixel to track that data and target those people even more in the future since they’ve already showed they were interested multiple times (which I talk about in the next point).

  1. Targeting Your Website Traffic

One of my favorite ways to use Facebook custom audience is building an audience out of your website traffic and later retargeting the traffic with relevant content and offers. For example, if someone interacts with a blog post on your website regarding Facebook advertising, that’s an indicator that they are someone who is interested in Facebook ads.

Therefore, if you write future blog posts on Facebook advertising or create products tailored towards people who advertise on Facebook, you can target the people who you know have expressed interest in Facebook advertising.

(Side tip: You could also use method one of targeting an email list customers if you have customers who have purchased a Facebook related product when you create your next Facebook related product- should i just include this in first paragraph)

  1. Targeting Video Views

When running posting a video on your Facebook like page or running an ad on Facebook that contains a video (not a YouTube video but one that his been uploaded directly into Facebook), Facebook allows you to create a custom audience out of the video views . They even allow you to get specific on what percent the video they’ve watched and what time frame it was in (in the last 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, etc.).

Depending on the content of the video, you can tell what kind of content the person who viewed the video is interested in and target them with content and offers that are relevant to their interests. For example, if you’re a makeup company and run a video ad on how to create the perfect smokey eye, someone who watches the full 10 minute tutorial might be interested in more of your tutorial videos, and potentially even become a customer for an info product of yours in the future.

  1. Creating Lookalike Audiences

Something really cool that Facebook lets you do is create what is called a “Lookalike Audience” using the data that they have from your custom audiences. Say you have a list of emails of people that have previously purchased your “Facebook Advertising Course.” Not only can you target that Custom Audience but you can have Facebook create a list of people with similar attributes (based off their demographics, page interests, etc) to the people on your list of purchasers. Chances are that these people will also be interested in whatever you have to offer.

When you are creating the audience, you have to choose your audience size. Although picking a larger size will increase the reach, it will decrease the precision. The smaller the size you select, the more similar the Lookalike Audience will be to the Custom Audience that you provided for Facebook.

The list you provide Facebook with needs to be at least 100 emails (and remember, some people’s emails they provide you with aren’t the same as the email connected to their Facebook accounts so those won’t count). The more people you have in the list, the more accurately Facebook will be able to find people that are similar to your list.

Using the custom audiences feature is one of the best ways to make sure that you are putting your ads in front of people who actually care to see them. Try out some of these methods for your brand or business if you want to bring down ad costs and put your ads in front of people who care.